With the pandemic turning the way many of us work on its head, many businesses and organisations are now looking to implement hybrid working.

Following on from our first blog, Is hybrid working the future? we’re offering advice and support on the policies, contractual changes and legal risks related to implementing hybrid working within your business or organisation.

Do we need a hybrid working policy?

Yes, it’s certainly advisable as it provides clarity to you and all of your team. The policy should include:

Updating other policies and procedures

You should also review and update any other company policies and procedures that are impacted by hybrid working. Some possible ones to consider are:

Contractual changes

You should review existing contracts as you may need to make changes relating to:

Changing a Contractual Term

If you wish to make a change to an existing contract of employment, then it is vital that you follow a full and proper process to alleviate any risks in imposing changes to your employees without their agreement.

If the change you are proposing affects more than 20 employees’, then you will need to collectively consult – either with employee representatives or trade unions if applicable.

Hallidays HR has written a White Paper ‘Hybrid Working’ which outlines the consultation process to follow and offers further advice. 

Legal Risks

Hallidays HR can advise you on the legal risks involved, some of which include:

How Hallidays HR can help

If you would like expert advice and support to help you consider, implement and manage hybrid working please contact the Hallidays HR on 0161 476 8276 or [email protected] to learn more.

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