It’s a well known fact that recruiting new staff is tough at the moment, across all industries. So how do you make your business stand out from the rest in what is turning into a highly competitive market. In this blog we look at how to make your company attractive to work for.

By making your company attractive to prospective employees, you enable your company to hire high-performing employees who increase productivity, sales, and allow your company to grow.

Job Descriptions

Clearly outline job descriptions and explain to employees the requirements to move up through the company. Don’t make them wonder what the company expects of them, tell them what the company expects.


Employees are not only looking at basic pay any more, you need to devise a benefits package that meets or exceeds industry standards. Consider things like employee of the month incentives, health insurance, life insurance, regular social events or even their birthday off as an extra days holiday.

Offer Flexible Working

If your business can accommodate it, offer your staff flexible working, rather than the standard 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. Giving staff the freedom to complete tasks in the way that they feel will achieve the best results will not only breed a happy workforce, it is also the best way to unleash the skills that they were employed for in the first place.

Company Culture

A company’s culture starts with how everyone treats one another. Ensure that everyone treats each other with respect. A culture that fosters positivity and growth is far more attractive to work for than one that incorporates negativity and mediocrity into the workplace.

Instruct managers to give constructive criticism and to always look for the good in employees when mentioning their weaknesses.

Empower Your Employees

Give your employees a purpose by giving them freedom to work, don’t micromanage and look over their shoulders as they work. Explain in what ways their work contributes to the success of the company.

Conduct Employee Reviews

Meet with your employees regularly to discuss company happenings and employee performance. Layout a plan and give employees goals to accomplish. Keep your staff motivated, happy and strong by touching on what the company could do better but also what it does well.

Get Staff Reviews

Your future employees will look at reviews of your business on platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor. Sadly, like buying a product, we will tell 10 people if it’s bad, and just 1 if it’s good. Encourage your existing staff to leave a positive review for prospective employees to read what a great employer you are.

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