Employee empowerment is a term that has been tossed around for many years. But what does it actually mean?  How can you empower your team without simply giving them a pay rise!


A large part of engaging employees is setting them up for success, this is often achieved through training. Depending on your budget you have several options to achieve this.

Methods such as eBooks, online training, job swaps, conferences, video tutorials and encouraging cross-departmental learning opportunities for employees is just a few to consider.

Training is not only a cost-effective way to empower your employees, it can also be an effective recruitment tool.

Give your team a friendly working environment

Employees want to feel at ease at work. Providing a friendly and comfortable working environment will encourage them to be more productive. Provide your team with comfortable working spaces that maintains an informal atmosphere.

This can be achieved by:

A friendly working environment benefits employers and employees, it is an excellent way of empowering your employees without affecting how the business operates.

Provide incentives

Money isn’t everything, sometimes the smallest gesture can significantly impact your employees.

Providing incentives is one of the best ways to show appreciation and gratitude towards your employees, and it can be done tax effectively!

Simple incentives such as promotional opportunities, flexible working, special training, a free coffee, or even the odd shopping voucher will keep your employees happy.

Give praise at employee performance reviews

Conducting regular employee performance reviews will keep your team motivated and make them feel appreciated. Conducting these reviews regularly also gives you the opportunity to give your employees praise and let them know what the company expects of them, alongside where improvements can be made.

It is essential to conduct these appraisals to ensure that your employees know how much you appreciate their effort and contributions to the business. It will allow them to feel like they have ownership over the business and its operations, increasing morale and productivity.

Give them the right tools and equipment

Giving your employees the tools and equipment they need to carry out their job is a great way of empowering them and helping them to be more productive.

It helps to minimise issues that may arise from not having the right equipment to complete a task, ultimately leading to less stress and frustration for your team. Let them choose what type of computer/laptop they need instead of providing one based on the company standards, this will give them better autonomy over how they get things done while still making sure everything runs smoothly.


There are many low budget methods you can use to empower your employees. By doing so, you will see improvements in your productivity and morale levels, resulting in better business outcomes for both the company and yourself. If you use the tips above, your employees will become self-sufficient, which means more time for you to deal with the essential tasks rather than micro-managing your team.

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