Now that we are more than 4 months into a Brexit trading world, we invited guest speaker, David Miller, owner of The Customs People, to present at our webinar. David boasts over 30 years’ experience working with HM Customs and Excise and advising businesses on importing and exporting goods throughout the world.

In this webinar for import/export businesses, we reviewed:

– What a post Brexit environment means
– The UK-EU Trade Deal explained, including basic considerations, anomalies and double duty mitigation.

For importers:

– Declarations required – delayed or not?
– Liaising with suppliers – incoterms
– Liaising with shippers – practical consideration especially given issues found with e.g. couriers
– Instructions to give
– Practical points e.g. Postponed VAT Accounting
– Customs Specific Points including tariff classification, value, use of reliefs and claiming preference.

For exporters:

– ‘How to…’
– Practical points given issues found
– Incoterms? – critical
– Planning points

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