If you’ve found yourself binge-watching several episodes of The Crown, Queen’s Gambit, Fleabag or any other streamed entertainment during lockdown, you’re not alone. The fact they’ve got you to tune in (and stay engaged) is quite a feat, given the amount of choice there is.

And the challenge faced by the producers of these programmes is similar to the one we face in the business world – not only the volume of competition but also the fact that attention spans are shorter online than in face-to-face situations.

This is why we’re delighted to be joined by Andrew Thorp, a speaker, consultant and trainer in the field of ‘Business Storytelling’. In this webinar he explains that even though we can now connect with people far and wide, we need to give them more reason to listen – by telling a better story.

When you’re introducing yourself or pitching an idea, what worked with a live audience may no longer cut it when you’re speaking to a flat screen. Loyalty is low and there are plenty of other things people can be doing!

This thought-provoking session tells you how to be a more engaging presence on the small screen.

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