HMRC is restarting its enquiries into business and personal taxpayers’ affairs after suspending investigations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Investigations are also expected to focus on activities such as whether employees worked while furloughed and internet trading during lockdown, along side usual investigations.

HMRC paused investigations in mid-April due to potential problems accessing information and staffing issues.  This means it didn’t ask for information or documents for ongoing enquiries or press for responses to requests already made.

Assistance provided by the Government to businesses and individuals in recent months have been costly, they will want to ensure that borrowing requirements are not exacerbated by taxpayers who are not paying the correct amount of tax.  HMRC will be under pressure from the Government to look at anyone who they think is defrauding the system as a matter of urgency.

If you receive correspondence from HMRC regarding a compliance visit or investigation into your tax affairs, it is important that you speak with your professional adviser to ensure you receive the best advice and obtain the best possible outcome.  You can speak to the KJG team here.

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