Xeinadin Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of Cobham Murphy who will become the group’s specialist in high level tax investigation-based services.

Rebranded CM Chartered Accountants, John Green heads the highly specialised Tax Team and, under his guidance, Xeinadin now has an exceptional team providing high-level advice across the whole tax spectrum. John spent 23 years at HM Revenue & Customs (previously Inland Revenue) where he was a specialist in the detection, investigation and prosecution of large-scale fraud and tax evasion, including the use of offshore arrangements involving foundations, trusts and corporate structures to mitigate or avoid taxation.

He was part of the Enquiry Branch and Special Compliance Office Group that was the forerunner to today’s HM Revenue & Customs Fraud Investigation Service, and operated extensively throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland and dealt with many overseas entitis.

John and his team, which includes many more with similar backgrounds, are committed to providing the best possible service to businesses and individuals who find themselves subject to Government investigations, including criminal prosecutions and Proceeds of Crime (POCA) applications. CM Chartered Accountants have earned an enviable reputation for the robust defences they present in such cases. It’s not surprising that the firm is referred clients regularly from other accountancy practices from outside the group. Having joined the 150+ accountancy firm merger, the Liverpool-based practice will be readily available to serve other practices rather than such work being previously referred by a smaller firm to a top 8 firm. This is yet another example of planned disruption as the Xeinadin offices, where possible, keep business opportunities internally.

Another example of the specialist skills available with Xeinadin is with Morag Collins. She has been part of the CM Accounting Team for more than ten years and joined directly from HM Revenue & Customs, where she had more than 25 years’ experience dealing with civil investigations. She also worked in the High-Level Special Investigations Office, dealing with serious fraud and tax evasion, and operated throughout the UK.

She has an up-to-date working knowledge of the current Codes of Practice used in the detection and investigation of suspected serious fraud and avoidance, particularly in relation to offshore connections, and has vast experience of enquiries into pension arrangements and marketed avoidance schemes.

Her knowledge and experience have been used to achieve outstanding results with clients and on a consultancy basis for several other firms of accountants and solicitors such as with COP 8 and COP 9 cases.

Managing Director Phil Harrison is a senior Chartered Accountant who gained extensive experience with a Top Four firm where he qualified. Following his firm’s merger, he said: “Our firm has been following Xeinadin with caution over the last year. What has materialised is nothing short of exceptional. Promises were made but they were delivered and more. For a year we’ve been courting with the idea and meeting several North West practices regularly. It’s definitely a community and a real belief we can all work closely together sharing opportunities and supporting each other. Firms in the North West range in size but there are 3 or 4 sizeable firms that offer forensic-based services too. Together we have a real expertise to best serve clients. Our firm becomes a specialist for the group overnight and we are delighted that our record and expertise has been recognised. As a group Xeinadin can definitely compete with the top 6 in this type of high-level tax service.”Her knowledge and experience have been used to achieve outstanding results with clients and on a consultancy basis for several other firms of accountants and solicitors such as with COP 8 and COP 9 cases.

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