Xeinadin is very proud to announce that BarTax is one of 150+ independent accountancy practices that have joined the world record breaking ‘overnight’ accountancy merger.

BarTax services approximately a 12th of the self-employed barrister market. This substantial market share has been built on a proactive and tailored service, fixed prices, unlimited telephone support, whilst resources have been allocated outside court time to ensure BarTax can best serve those clients trading within the legal industry.

Prior to joining Xeinadin, BarTax began its mission to help Chambers and its Barristers to be more efficient with their financial affairs with a significant focus on the utilisation of digital technology.

BarTax offers a very forward-thinking and proactive service to its clients. Services include optimisation and protection of barristers’ wealth and assets. 95% of all new business is through existing barrister referrals.

Managing Director Geoff Claughton said: “Whist priced sensibly, we do offer a product to barristers that allows them to use us more. This creates trust and we’ve been able to offer additional services as a result. We offer a free and unlimited telephone service, including support outside court hours. We have such loyal and repeat-based clients that we decided to offer free completion of our clients’ VAT returns, yet we still remain profitable.

Our new market leading Making Tax Digital compliant accounting package for barristers will help them to be more organised with their financial affairs.

Most barristers have neither the time nor the inclination to complete time-consuming bookkeeping. Our approach is refreshingly simple. ReceiptBank is a quick and convenient App that collects and stores your business expenses and receipts. Simply take a photo of the receipt using your phone, tablet or PC. The App will capture and store an image of your receipt and forward a copy directly to us. ReceiptBank software pulls information from receipts quickly, accurately and efficiently. There is no duplication or loss as all data is saved securely to the cloud. ReceiptBank is free for all our clients. Most of our barrister clients have transitioned to this intelligent way of working. Submit your expenses on-the-go and start to enjoy the benefits of stress-free and HMRC-approved data capture.

When asked about the Xeinadin Group concept Geoff said: “I feel so assured by the quality of practitioners within our ever expanding group. I was sold a community and that’s exactly how it is. I’m able to help other offices to engage similar legal clients to ours or we can of course serve them from our office. Likewise, we will be referring business opportunities within the group. I genuinely believe this is the ‘Firm of the Future’ and I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful concept. As a group we can now best support the SME and OMB market as we all make use of the digital world. I know the group has Artificial Intelligence as a focal part of its ongoing future development.”

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