BCC Accountants is an accountancy and taxation firm partnered by Alan Connolly and Sandra Clarke.

BCC typically acts for SMEs across the Ireland region. Whilst the firm has a diverse range of clients and businesses, it acts as accountant and tax adviser to a large number of medical practices – which have become a significant specialism of this evolving firm. Based in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, the firm employs 21 staff, with the two main partners having 20 years of experience in partnership.

Alan Connolly, FCCA, has also worked in the practice for over 29 years and he has a wide range of auditing and accounting experience covering most business types, albeit he has developed a particular specialism in dealing with the medical profession and the complications that can arise in their tax returns.

Sandra Clarke, FCA and AITI, has worked in the practice for over 30 years and has developed specific expertise in the medical sector, including the taxation issues around locums and VAT. Sandra is a Chartered Tax Adviser and was elected to the Council of the Irish tax institute (ITI) in 2010. She is currently vice president of the ITI and will become Deputy in the period Sept 19-Sept 20 before stepping up to become President in Sept 20-Sept 21. Sandra represents ITI on 2 TALC Committees (Tax Administration Liaison Committee). Such committees are made up of Senior Revenue personnel, ITI representatives, CCAB representatives & Law Society representatives. The function of the main TALC Committee is to review and make recommendations to achieve more effective and efficient administration of direct taxes (Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax) stamp duties and Value-Added Tax.

The function of the TALC Collections Sub-Committee is to provide a forum where revenue and tax practitioners can discuss and address issues that arise on a daily basis. They primarily focus on the payment of tax and the filing of all tax returns as part of the general tax compliance process and the Revenue Online System. Sandra said: “Through the Irish Tax Institute, we represent tax practitioners and accountants at all five main divisions of Revenue under their new realignment of taxpayers from a regional structure to one that is based on a nationally segmented taxpayer base.”

BCC has followed Xeinadin now for a year. On the world-breaking merger Sandra said: “Despite our vast experiences, we still have long futures ahead of Alan and I, and having come across Xeinadin and conducted a year-long due diligence with 150+ other firms, we took the decision to join the community of accountants and to participate and support the build of the ‘Firm of the Future’. At the time we didn’t realise why the model and strategy was such a secret but it’s become evident now! I join many others who are supporting this increasingly world-class accountancy model which is being built on the foundations of a vast level of practitioners’ experiences, knowledge, expertise and specialisms. When we pool this together then our existing and future clients can be best served. As a firm we are embracing the latest use of technology to become more efficient and we do believe that technological advances have made consolidation of this size and stature ripe for mass market penetration and growth. There’s a real belief amongst both UK and Irish participating offices. Alan & I have travelled to London for monthly meetings for a year and seen some great firms back and physically support the amalgamation of this movement. It’s been a real team spirit and we are very proud to be part of it. Most importantly for us, our team and clients will have more opportunity by being part of this UK and Ireland group.”

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