The Xeinadin Group is pleased to announce that the Dublin office of the established and highly reputable firm Tynan Dillon has joined the 150+ firm merger.

Tynan Dillon was founded in 1952 by Pat Tynan and Sean Dillon. The firm has grown and evolved over the intervening decades, and in recent years has comprised three offices led by nine principals being Barry Dillon, Conor Dillon, Liam Farrell, John Dillon and Niamh Boyd in the Dublin office, Liam Murphy, Joe O’Rourke and Teresa Wall in the Naas office, and Rosaleen Harrison based in the Mayo Office.

As part of the merger agreement, the Tynan Dillon Dublin office has joined the Xeinadin Group. The firm will retain its existing corporate name and logo, in addition to using Xeinadin branding. This allows its clients, prospective clients and intermediaries to easily recognise the firm, while Tynan Dillon can use the additional Xeinadin branding to best demonstrate the future opportunities it can now make available to its clients.

The five Dublin-based Tynan Dillon principals are excited by this merger and believe that it positions the firm optimally to continue its fast rate of growth into the coming years. In addition, aside from cost reductions and other efficiencies, the firm Directors expect that the Xeinadin Group will assist with the implementation of key technology improvements within their operations, and will create a range of opportunities for staff members to progress. It is anticipated that senior managers and key staff members will be afforded greater scope to develop their skillsets and progress their careers towards directorship level within the firm, as a result of the opportunities that the group will make available.

Key Principals, Conor Dillon & Liam Farrell, lead the firm’s growth plans and they have a clear vision for the future. Conor undertook his professional training in the taxation consultancy department of Deloitte, moving to Tynan Dillon in 2007, where he has been a principal since 2011. He has extensive experience providing specialist taxation advice to clients of all sizes, while also working with clients’ general accounting requirements, and practicing as a registered auditor. Conor is also regulated by the Central Bank to advise clients on pension planning, protection policies, and other investment decisions. Liam has amassed over thirty years’ experience in accountancy, and he leads the firm’s management accounts and audit practice.

Conor Dillon said: “Almost 70 years since the firm’s inception, Tynan Dillon continues to focus on ensuring that we can offer the best possible service to our clients. All of our principals have the experience and expertise to provide advice on all of our clients’ general financial and commercial requirements, while each principal also retains a specialist interest in order to be in a position to offer clients specialist advice in certain areas, including Management Accounts, Taxation Consultancy, Statutory Audits and Investment Business.

The investment-based service is a somewhat unique specialism of our firm. In the Tynan Dillon Dublin office, we take pride in our ability to offer clients impartial advice and access to an extensive range of savings, protection, and investment products. We have many years of experience in dealing with a wide range of financial institutions, and there are four Qualified Financial Advisers working in the practice. This is an area in which we expect to add significant value within the Xeinadin Group.”

Tynan Dillon expects to grow its own business further by being a support to all Xeinadin accountancy offices in a number of areas, including financial services advices. Conor said: “We have a large community of equity directors within the Xeinadin Group, who are all subscribing to the philosophy of passing commercial opportunities within the Group in the first instance. This bodes well for our firm being positioned to benefit from some of the specialisms that we have developed. Likewise, we have been passing opportunities to our internal peers with specialist abilities both in Ireland and in the UK. I think Xeinadin is a fantastic idea. We have some very young principals who are excited in how we can be part of a wider community that can grow through sharing of opportunities and expertise. The knowledge and breadth of specialist abilities within the Xeinadin Group is vast. Having worked in a top 4 accountancy firm I strongly believe Xeinadin can compete for new market share.”

Liam Farrell also commented: “We have recently introduced improved systems and technological infrastructure with the intention that we will achieve greater automation and digitalisation of our clients’ accounts’ preparation process. Joining with the Xeinadin Group is a major step forward for our firm as we have an opportunity to work with our peers in implementing the best practices and ensuring that we are leveraging the maximum possible value from the software available to us. Membership of the Group will assist us in continuing to provide a market leading service to our clients.”

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