It’s that time of year where we look to the future and think about our plans, and for older business owners, that may include deciding when to retire, and how many more years to work in your business. That’s why it’s so important to systemise your business so your valuable knowledge is passed throughout your team – creating your very own team of Jedi’s!

We spend many hours with financial advisers, looking at how best to save for our retirement, building a pension, deciding upon investments and returns.  Yet the biggest asset for many of us is our business, and the time spent ensuring we maximise that value is often lost in amongst the day to day running of the company.  Years go by, and we assume we are increasing our business’ worth all the time, but just how valuable is your business and how will you practically achieve that when you exit?

Here are 5 points to consider:

To find out more detailed information for your own business and situation, get in touch, preferably before you are another year further on and considering the same questions over again!  Have a great New Year and focus on creating the most valuable business in the galaxy.

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