In this easy to read healthcare sector report, you will find an analysis of the sector and what that means for you. Practical tips to let the administrative side of the business run more smoothly—smart advice for you and your clients to maximise the opportunities in VAT, Tax, and other legislation.

What you’ll read in this sector report:

Sector development
Much of the healthcare sector has seen a slight yet steady decrease in the year-to-year growth rate. This will remain the same or slightly increase, looking at previous years.

Impact of Covid
The healthcare sector will have to remain vigilant as the Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant and direct impact on the productivity, efficiency and stability of previous healthcare practices.

The international standing of the UK and how the UK builds trade agreements will greatly impact how the medical and healthcare sector will need to proceed.

Legislation, fiscal, tax, VAT
New techniques, practices, and services developed in response to Covid may fall on the line of uncertainty regarding VAT and other fiscal matters and create complications for how to comply with taxation regulations.

Environmental tax
The state of climate change and the adverse effects that aspects of modern life have had on the environment have raised awareness and created a drive to reduce both emissions and consumption.

Skill shortage
Due to various external factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a general trend within the sector, the healthcare industry is struggling with a shortage of workers. To tackle this shortage, we included a useful checklist with tips.

It is difficult to make sweeping statements about the sector as a whole, especially regarding response and cashflow. Many different aspects have fared differently in response to the complex and challenging year 2020 presented.